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SAILE knows that quality is essential for all its customers. All mining extraction and production processes are carried out under a strict monitoring. Moreso, we rigorously maintain the highest respect for the environment, providing our stakeholders with environment enhancement programs and social development and management programs.

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philippinezeolite products SAILE-Zeolite Aqua Grade

SAILE Zeolite Feed Grade with its extraordinary properties like adsorptive capabilities, cation-exchange capacity and hydration properties have been found useful when added to normal diets of poultry, cattle and other farm animals. Increased body weight and feed efficiencies with simultaneous decrease in the incidence of scours and other intestinal diseases, especially among young animals had been reported with the use of SAILE-Zeolite Feed Grade.

philippinezeolite aqua-grade

The normal biological activity of feeding fish produces ammonia that contaminates the water. SAILE Zeolite Aqua Grade is used to remove the ammonia in the fish farming, aquarium and fish transport. Benefits of using SAILE Zeolite Aqua Grade in the maintenance of pond water quality include:

  • Enhances fish growth in the ponds.
  • Increases dissolved oxygen.
  • Prevents the formation of metabolites and other toxic substances.
  • Minimize the frequent aeration of pond water.

philippinezeolite products SAILE Zeolite Soil Grade

Ammonium-based fertilizer is used in agriculture to provide a source of nitrogen but controlled supply of ammonium can be used to correct soil deficiencies through their slow release mechanism while the possibility of toxic root “burning” is reduced because of SAILE Zeolite Soil Grade (Soilite’s) cation exchange capacity. The leaching of N2 by excess rain can also be presented by the improved retention of ammonia in the minerals.  SOILITE is also accounted for its moisture-retention capabilities as well as its nutrient retention capabilities. SOILITE improves soil moisture content by more or less 5% after cropping at Field Capacity (FC) and Permanent Wilting Point (PWP) condition. SOILITE improves crop productivity particularly its dry material weight. SOILITE  has unique properties to hold plant nutrients and then releases it gradually over a long period of time. This is due to ionic exchange that improves fertilizer utilization. SOILITE prevents other nutrients from evaporation and leaching.

Philippinezeolite Products Granules

SAILE Zeolite Granules has various size grades readily available for specific the requirements of customers. Sizes are the following:

  • Z-3 Granules (20mm-10mm)
  • Z-4 Granules (15mm-5mm)
  • Z-5 Granules (5mm – 2mm)
  • Z-6 Granules (3mm-1mm), (8/10 mesh)
  • Z-7 Granules (1.4mm-0.60mm), (14/30 mesh)
  • Z-8 Granules (0.60mm-0.40mm), (20/40 mesh)

philippinezeolite products SAILE Bentonite Feed Grade

SAILE BENTONITE Feed Grade is used mainly as a binding agent in pelletising animal feedstuff. Even in small amounts, Saile BENTONITE® Feed Grade when added to feed products insures tougher, more durable pellets. SAILE BENTONITE® Feed Grade also adsorbs excess moisture and oils, and aids in the free movement of pellets thus preventing lumping and caking.

SAILE BENTONITE Industrial Grade

SAILE BENTONITE Industrial Grade has many applications in the following fields: Foundry Moulding Sands, Drilling mud, Iron Ore Pelletizing, Bleaching Oils and Fats, Agriculture and is also used in other industrial and domestic applications.

philippinezeolite products Saile X-PUNGE-E5 Toxin Binder

HSCAS MYCOToxin Binder stands for Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate Hydrate. Is naturally processed toxin binder, which has the ability to adsorb toxins, ammonia and heavy metals present in animal feeds.  Offers complete protection against contaminated feeds. Significantly reduces toxicity of aflatoxins to zearalenon. Insoluble in aqueous media and is chemically inert.Can adsorb heavy metals like lead, mercury, nickel, cobalt and copper. Anti-Caking agent when used at a dosage rate of 3% per ton.