SAILE Industries is the Philippines largest commercial mining and processor of Zeolite and Bentonite Ore for domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications throughout the Philippines.

SAILE Industries is a private company located in Northern Luzon, Province of Pangasinan, Philippines. The main production schema is the mining and processing of natural zeolite and bentonite products and to manufacture products based on these minerals for the Philippine domestic market and Asia Pacific countries as well.

The mineral ore processing facilities of SAILE Industries has the capacity to give a variety of coarse, granular and finely milled products specifically tailored to suit our customer requirements and market applications, based on the selection of one of our mineral ore types we offer such as Clinoptilolite-Mordenite Zeolite and Montmorillionite Bentonite.


SAILE owns two processing facilities that allow us to provide customized service to our clients. The mine and mineral processing-manufacturing facility of SAILE Industries is located in Mangatarem, Philippines which is within 120 kilometres north of Manila making it accessible to Manila Ports for local and international markets. Another processing and warehouse facility is located in Valenzuela City, Manila which is just two (2) hours drive to Manila Ports.


SAILE holds a Mineral Production Sharing Agreement (MPSA) with the Philippine government that holds significant reserves of the Zeolite and Bentonite mineral ore bodies through direct ownership of the associated land and has mining rights to positive reserves to a land area of 746 hectares.

Since 1992, SAILE Industries has established partnerships with customers with the value-added markets of its zeolite and bentonite mineral in the Philippines. SAILE Industries provide customers with specially made solutions based on thorough understanding of the manufacturing process, production and business limits of every industry that we want to serve. SAILE also extends to a number of value-added applications where a total service is available from extracted ore, drying, mechanical process & classification, modification, along with customized packaging from 5kg – 25kg and 50 kg bags.

SAILE knows that quality is essential for all its customers. All mining extraction and production processes are carried out under a strict monitoring. Moreso, we rigorously maintain the highest respect for the environment, providing our stakeholders with environment enhancement programs and social development and management programs.

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